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IMPRESS ESR received travel grant from Iberian Ichthyology Society


The Iberian Ichthyology Society (SIBIC) has granted two travel grants from the Gasterosteus Fund (with funds obtained from the sale of T-shirts between SIBIC partners) for the participation of two young students from SIBIC partners in international scientific congresses. 


One of them is IMPRESS Marie Curie fellow Christoffer Rozenfeld. With the grant Christoffer attended the European Aquaculture Society conference “Aquaculture Europe 2017”, in Dubrovnik, Croatia, 17th to 20th October 2017. Here he presented one oral presentation and one poster of two of his studies “Numerous lineage-specific duplications found in European eel (Anguilla anguilla) suggests 4R whole genome duplication” (poster) and “Cold water rearing induces key reproductive mechanisms along the BPG axis of European eel (Anguilla anguilla) males” (Oral presentation). As the title suggests, the poster illustrated the thrilling discovery of numerous duplicated genes in the European eel transcriptome, which were estimated to be much younger than the ancient whole genome duplication shared by all teleosts, thus indicating that they arrived at a lineage-specific event, which could have been as big as a whole genome duplication. For the oral presentation, Christoffer revealed the RNA-sequencing data obtained from an experiment of temperature treatments of European eel, which shows a significantly differential expression profile of the PBG axis after cold water treatment, specifically involving many reproduction related genes.

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