IMPRESS – Improved production strategies for endangered freshwater species




IMPRESS participant won Bio Nano Genomics contest


Dr. Hans Jansen, laboratory manager at ZF-Screens B.V. won the Get on the Map contest from Bio Nano Genomics with the sturgeon part of IMPRESS. Click here to read the entire story.

Dr. Jansen won with the following story:

The sturgeons are a primitive fish family that dates back more than 200 million years. They have changed little over this period giving them the informal status of living fossils. Some species are well known for their caviar and as a result of overexploitation, habitat fragmentation and pollution many sturgeon species are now threatened with extinction.

Being a primitive fish species they have an interesting position in the tree of life offering a unique view into an ancient genome. Having a high quality genome would offer researchers a valuable resource that they can use to study genome evolution. In addition to that this resource can also be used to aid in the breeding and conservation of threatened sturgeon species.

We have already produced a draft genome based on short reads. This dataset will be complemented over the coming months with long read sequence data from the Oxford Nanopore platform generated on our PromethION instrument. Bringing these novel technologies together will be an excellent opportunity to produce a platinum quality genome.

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