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IMPRESS promoted during Tour de France




During the Tour de France leg on Sunday 16 July 2017 a nearly 280 meter long salmon was depicted on the ground.


IMPRESS researchers and co-workers from the national conservatory of wild salmon used GPS-coordinates, sticks and football chalk to mark the outline of the salmon.

The event was performed to raise awareness around the preservation of the Loire-Allier river and its salmon population. The Atlantic salmon of the Loire-Allier river travels an impressive distance of up to around 1000 km from the sea to reach its spawning grounds.

Several IMPRESS beneficiaries made sure the event was commented on as the helicopter filmed the salmon when the cyclists passed the area during the leg of Tour de France.


Watch the clip form the Norwegain TV channel TV2 and check out the YouTube video to get the background of the event.

Below are examples of local media coverage following the event:

Østlandets blad



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